So, for much of the last three years, I’ve been doing Instagram-story reviews of the books I read. I started when I went on a solo trip to Tulum and, after a few pics of my Kindle and the beach, some people asked me what I was reading. From there, I continued because people told me it was helpful.

I’ve gotten into a pretty good habit of sharing once I finish, but Instagram stories don’t last forever (even in highlights) and having easy-to-click links to buy the books you want is useful.

With that in mind: Welcome to my substack.

Here’s the plan: Every so often, I’ll email you with some book recommendations. Probably things I’ve been reading lately, but also maybe a dip into the backlist.

My taste is pretty consistent: Fiction (literary, historical, “beach reads” & psychological thrillers), romance, YA, books for/by/about women, political & pop culture non-fiction, memoirs, and essay collections.

I don’t tend to buy or read science fiction, fantasy, detective/crime novels, or self-help, but that’s not a hard-and-fast rule.

Within those categories, I read a lot. You can see the full running spreadsheet of my reading (back to 2014) here. If you want recs in your inbox semi-frequently, sign up. What’s the harm?